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We create a bridge by partnering with other purposeful organizations and providing HOPE together.

The Sactuary
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The purpose of The Sanctuary is to provide a state of the art residential trauma therapy center. The setting for The Sanctuary is designed to be in a location that provides safety, seclusion, and solitude. The Sanctuary was named out of Ezekiel 11:16 "...yet I will be to them a sanctuary..."


"Our dream is to provide experiential therapies, anchored in Christ, in a beautiful setting that cultivates healing for generations to come. Our prayer is that God will do a mighty work in the hearts of all those that come to The Sanctuary. So many people who are struggling have hearts of stone from trauma, addiction, abuse...the list goes on and on. Our prayer is that the work done at The Sanctuary will cultivate healing to transform stony hearts to tender hearts that God can penetrate and use for His mighty purpose."

-Jason & Melinda Moyes

Jae Foudation

The Jae Foundation exists to create boot-check moments - moments where we put down the distractions of life to reach out and really check in on how those near us are really doing. The Foundation was created with the idea that if Jae’s friend Jason had just slowed down and bought his buddy Jae a pair of Cowboy Boots (something Jae loved dearly) and had a real conversation about how he was doing, things could have been different. The Foundation is having an impact on mental health and suicide prevention/awareness through creating boot check moments throughout the intermountain region, and beyond.

Sanctuay Horses
Sanctuary Horses.png

Nestled in the mountains of Western Wyoming you'll find a family of horses with a common history; they have all been rescued. Each horse in our Sanctuary Horse family has or is currently being rehabilitated to assist with the upcoming Equine Therapy programs at The Sanctuary. 

Every dollar raised through Reclaiming Hope helps provide a better life for these horses, and bolsters The Sanctuary Horses ability to provide equine therapy and various equine programs. Partner with us in supporting The Sanctuary Horses as they prepare to change lives!

Wild Horses on the Prarie
Warm Up on the Beach_edited.png

Sublette County Sexual Assault Family Violence (SAFV) Task Force provides protection, assistance, and support to the victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. SAFV is committed to ending violence through prevention education and social change. This amazing team provides critical resources to Sublette County as its location is nestled in rural Wyoming where resources can at times be limited for the most vulnerable individuals.

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