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Purposeful Partner: Jae Foundation

One of our purposeful partners is the Jae Foundation.  We’d love to share a little bit about this organization that is very near and dear to our hearts.

The story of the Jae Foundation began with a tragedy.  A beloved son, brother and friend, Jae took his life at a young age, much to the shock of everyone in his life.  Raised in Pinedale, Wyoming, he loved all things cowboy, especially his boots.  For Jae, boots were always in order, whether he was in jeans on a horse, or sporting sweats or shorts at school.  Always the cowboy boots.  

One of his best friends, Jason, was understandably shaken with grief and the many ‘if only’ thoughts that inevitably follow such an overwhelming loss.  After Jae’s funeral, where most everyone turned up wearing cowboy boots, Jason slipped away to the graveside for some time to think and pray.  It was there that he determined he would somehow bring about good from this awful tragedy.  Over time, the Jae Foundation would become the ‘good’ that Jason had hoped to bring about.

Boot Check Moments

It is so fitting that the Jae Foundation weaves in Jae’s love for boots as they address mental health and suicide awareness and prevention.  Jae’s Place in Twin Falls, Idaho, and The Cowboy Shop in Pinedale, Wyoming are locations where groups can come and hear Jae’s story.  Each person gets to pick out a pair of cowboy boots, and they make a commitment to Boot Check Moments.  When you put on your Jae boots, or when someone compliments you on them, it’s time for a Boot Check Moment.  You talk about mental health.  You phone a friend.  You reach out.  You extend compassion.  You let your boots do the talking.

Youth Outreach

Our friends at the Jae Foundation have a special heart for youth, which is so crucial in today’s society where kids are struggling in unprecedented ways.  They love to organize events for kids to get together, have fun, and be reminded that they matter, that they’re so loved.  It may be a huge bonfire or a night of line dancing.  The JF is always looking for ways to help students feel connected in a world where they can easily convince themselves that they’re all alone.  They’re also working to get every high school senior in the Pinedale and Twin Falls areas a pair of Jae boots.  They bring the kids in, let them pick out their boots, and they talk about the need to look out for each other, and also to ask for help when they’re the ones struggling.  They teach them about connection and use boots to remind them.


Just down the road from Pinedale is the Double J Ranch.  It is a rustic getaway with comfy cabins, a pond, and all the animals you’d expect to see at a Wyoming ranch - horses, sheep, cows, chickens - you name it! We love the Double J Ranch because it is also the location for the retreats the Jae Foundation hosts during the summer.  It’s a perfect spot for groups to gather.  Everyone from students, businesses, families, athletic teams and women gathered there with a focus on leadership, healing and transformation.  The JF also hosts very special retreats for individuals who’ve lost loved ones to suicide and need a safe place to process their loss with others who understand the depth of their pain.  All of these retreats are tender, meaningful, life-giving and life-changing.  

Annual Auction

The Jae Foundation is sustained by regular donations, along with their annual auction, which is the auction of all auctions.  So many amazing people feel strongly about this crucial cause and have donated mind-blowing items to raise money.  The auction is typically held each spring and we would encourage you to check out the details on their website.  Maybe you’d like to attend, maybe you have something to donate.  We love seeing the impact made by people who care so deeply about saving lives through cowboy boots!

Staff & Volunteers

One of the things we love most about the Jae Foundation is the incredible team of people we get to interact with on a regular basis.  These vital issues of mental health, suicide awareness and suicide prevention are not light topics.  These precious people are having conversations about such heavy things on a nearly daily basis.  In addition to all of that, most of them have a personal connection to this loss.  While they are in this work because they believe in it with a passion, it also costs them something.  They are personally invested in a way that few people will understand.  We think they are just incredible for living out the calling on their lives in such a vulnerable way.  We see it and we love them for it.  And we pray that you would catch the vision of this all important work.  Reclaiming Hope is beyond honored to be working alongside them in any way we can.

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