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Purposeful Partner: Sanctuary Horses

Sanctuary Horses is an organization we are so honored to partner with. They call themselves a “Mutual Healing Partnership” and we love the way they are working to bring about healing for horses, which will eventually bring about healing for people. 

Ranches abound in Wyoming, where Sanctuary Horses is headquartered. And with the many ranches come many horses. Many of these are loved and cared for by attentive owners. However, in some cases, these amazing animals are mistreated, endangered, or simply become too much for their owners to look after any longer. Many such horses are sent to kill pens. Sanctuary Horses was formed to help save some of these horses who still have the potential for a happy, healthy life for years to come. We love the work they do not only for the horses they’ve rescued, but also to educate people about the proper care of horses, in the hope that animal abuse and cruelty can be prevented. 

Once rescued, the horses in the Sanctuary Horse family are restored to health. Some of these wind up in forever homes with people who are trained and equipped to care for them well. Others become part of the team that is being trained for another rescue mission - the healing of hearts. The powerful impact of equine therapy has become an integral part of seeing young women recover from trauma. Sanctuary Horses is playing a vital role as these rescue horses will become part of the healing these girls will experience. We love that they are laying the groundwork now for lives to be transformed in the future. We hope and pray you’ll follow along with us as we support this important work they are doing with our four-legged friends!

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