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2023 Impact Report


  • Donor Growth: We had a year of incredible donor growth; see our snapshot below.

  • New Website: We completed a full revamp of our website to give a clearer picture of how our origins are tightly tied to the launch of The Sanctuary.

  • WyoGives: We raised $4035 through WyoGives on July 12th, a one-day giving event that empowers WY non-profits to link arms with businesses and donors. Our matching sponsor in 2022 was Lakeside Lodge, who provided a $1000 matching donation. Thank you! 

  • Foundation 23: Every September in Sublette County this organization hosts a half marathon and partners with local non-profits as a fundraiser. All donations collected in the 2 months before the event are matched by Foundation 23, and in November we gathered at Callie’s Helping Hands to celebrate and to receive our check of $4930.88. Thank you!

  • Storefront Partners: Reclaiming Hope is supporting The Sanctuary and Sanctuary Horses through partnerships with local stores, as well as our online store. Due to these partnerships, we have been able to share our organization with a wider audience and build connections. Thank you Rim Station, Bison’s Bounty, Heart & Soul Cafe, Jackalope Motor Lodge, Jae’s Place, and Lakeside Lodge for your support.


We believe…

Everyone has Value

Everyone has Purpose

Everyone deserves Access

Everyone needs Hope


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