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Reclaiming Hope Joins The Sanctuary for Utah Site Visits

In January, we joined with a team from The Sanctuary for a couple of site visits in Utah.  It was exciting to tag along with one of our Purposeful Partners as they continue to learn from organizations who have already been doing important work in the mental health field.

One of the sites was Newport Academy, part of a larger nationwide entity, which is serving young men and women with various needs and challenges.  And then Cascade Academy was a much smaller facility that focused on caring for young women struggling with anxiety and OCD.  It was encouraging to see how these two different approaches (meeting broad needs in a coed setting, and providing specialized care for girls) were both extremely effective in helping young people overcome hurdles in their lives.  Both organizations took great pains to ensure that the treatment plan for each and every one of their clients was customized to meet the individual needs of the kids - there was no cookie-cutter approach to treating the teens in their care.

We loved being able to experience firsthand the work that is being done in nearby communities for youth, and the shared vision we all have of helping them grow & progress toward lasting mental health.  We'll be sure to keep you posted on future visits like this one!

-Reclaiming Hope

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